How to improve your concentration as a student


Being a student is exciting, especially when you are able to work hard in achieving your aim. On the other hand, it can be very challenging sometimes when distractions set in. There are several answers regarding how to improve your concentration as a student. In this article, we will look at a few points on how to improve your concentration as a student. 

It is the dream of every student to complete his or her education with success at any stage. However, most students are unable to concentrate either on completing a task given them or to excel in their academics. Students ability to concentrate depends on many factors and can be improved. 

Causes of poor concentration among students 

There are certain key factors which mostly disturb students’ concentration either in class or in achieving their goals in school. They are;

  • Depression, anxiety or stress
  • Exposure to social media ( internet )
  • Watching of movies and Television 
  • Relationships ( Dating )

Depression can serve as a distraction to students, it is said to be a mood disorder that affects students’ academic life. The feeling of sadness, loss or anger can hinder a student from fully concentrating on their set targets. 

Social media is the order of the day. Though it has a very good impact on students as it helps students to socialize, gain information faster and to also be abreast with current news, it is a big distraction to some students. Some students spend all their time socializing at the expense of their books which in the long run affect their academic performance. 

It is alright to watch movies and television shows at your leisure time as a student but sometimes it becomes a distraction when it is done in excess. As a student , you are well informed watching the news on television, especially being abreast of current affairs  however, it should not distract your concentration in completing your assignment, group work, project work or your personal studies. 

Relationships ( boyfriend and girlfriend ) can sometimes be a distraction to students’ concentration in achieving their academic goals. Unrealistic relationship goals can sometimes distract students’ concentration. In a relationship, much attention is demanded either by the boy or the girl which in the long run may affect a students concentration in accomplishing his or her academic goals in school. 

As said earlier, a student’s ability to concentrate depends on many factors and can be improved by practising the below key points. 

  • Set goals 
  • Be discipline 
  •  Find a specific space and time for studying ( Know when you can concentrate) 

As a student, you can improve your concentration by setting academic goals which will challenge you to excel. A student with set goals will always try hard to meet their target. The goals guide their concentration to focus on achieving an academic purpose in spite of all the privileges available to them. 

Discipline they say is “ A bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn. According to Aristotle, “ What lies in our power to do, lies in our power not to do.” This implies that, without discipline, it is  difficult for a student to accomplish his or her goals. As a student, you can improve your concentration by being disciplined, knowing what to do and what not to do at any given time in school. By so doing, you will be able to set your priorities right. This is how to improve your concentration as a student.

Knowing the specific time and space for studying is vital in improving your concentration as a student. This will enable you to draw a planned time table that guides your studies. Studying at a specific time appropriate for you will help  improve your concentration as a student. 

Behind the books 

As a student, sometimes concentrating on your books seem a bit challenging. This usually happens when you are alone behind your books. Below are some key points to guide your studies.

  • Pray before you start learning 
  • Put your mobile phone on silent or switch it off completely 
  • Do not entertain distraction from friends 

As a believer, you are reminded of the role God plays in your life and his ability to assist you to excel in your academics. Matthew 7: 7 entreat us as believers to ask God for help in times of need and he will grant it unto us. As a believer, you are encouraged to pray and ask God to enable you to improve your concentration before you start studying. There is grace to study and to excel as a believer,  recognise God and he will gladly grant your heart desire. 

A possible suggestion to enable you concentrate when reading is to put aside your mobile phone. Mobile phones are very useful in researching as a student but can also be a distraction to you if not properly handled. 

It is advisable to give yourself a time frame for the number of hours you would want to read or study your books. Let’s say you want to study for an hour, you must put your phone on silent or better still, switch it off. By doing so, you prevent calls distractions which may compel you to sometimes answer and probably spend most of the hours for that specific period talking on the phone. 

Friends can sometimes be a distraction to you when you are behind your books. In most cases, your friends may want to start a conversation with you or even remind you of a joke or an event you both witnessed. This is the time to set your priorities right to avoid such distractions and fully concentrate on your books. It’s fun listening to such exciting conversations sometimes but certainly not when you are behind your books. 

How to stay focused in class during lessons 

Focusing in class during lessons as a student can be quite challenging. There are several factors which could hinder a student from paying attention in class. We are going to discuss how you can stay focused in class during lessons as a student. 

  • Have enough rest before class starts
  • Try to sit in front during class sessions 
  • Pay attention when your lecturer or teacher is speaking.
  • Put down some key words or phrases as your teacher is teaching.
  • Sit by friends who would help you concentrate on the lesson 

Sleep deprivation is a key factor which hinders students full concentration in class. It is said to not only affect the memory but also other brain functions, like mood and anxiety. Poor sleeping habits could distract a student in class. As a student, it is advisable to have enough rest before going to class, this will boost your memory to stay focused.

In a classroom, there can be distractions from your own colleagues especially students who are fond of sitting at the back. They mostly create humour to make the class interesting but sometimes becomes a distraction to you and the entire class as well. You can avoid these distractions by always taking the front seats to hear your teacher clearly and to stay focused throughout the lesson.

One of the easiest ways to stay focused in class as a student is to cultivate the habit of always paying attention to your teacher when teaching. Your ability to listen to every bit of what your teacher says in class will improve your concentration level in class. It always works and you can give it a try. 

As a student, never go to class without putting down notes from the lesson taught. Your desire to want to put down short key points from the lesson will always prompt you to listen and focus in class. You will improve your concentration in class by making this a routine during class lessons. 

There are students who will always want to avoid distractions in class and will not entertain any form of joke from their colleagues during class lesson. You are advised to sit closer to such students in class to enable you stay focused and to fully benefit from all discussions until the end of the lesson.

Answering the question how to improve your concentration as a student, Jim Rohn once said “When you work, work. When you play, play. Don’t mix the two.”  Set your priorities right and avoid things which you personally see as a distraction to your concentration as a student. By so doing, you will improve your concentration level and excel. 

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