Be conscious of food products this festive season – FDA cautions consumers


The CEO of Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), Mrs. Delese Mimi Darko has cautioned consumers to be mindful of food products they purchase from their customers in the market.

According to her, some retailers and importers sell unhealthy products to unsuspicious customers during festive seasons which can be harmful to them.

She said, when buying pre-packaged food products, it is advisable to search for the expiry or best-before date, which are the dates that guarantee the wholesomeness of the food products. She, therefore, advise consumers to avoid buying products that has lapsed expiry or best-before dates.

The acting Head of Communications of the FDA, Mr. James Lartey, has also cautioned the general public to be wary of pre- packaged food items on sale at the market.

According to Mr. Lartey, the FDA is determined to fight food poisoning threats ahead of the festive season, and as a results has advised consumers to remain vigilant and look out for food items that are unsafe on the market, and avoid compromising on cheap food products which comes in attractive packages.

Mr. Lartey said, People should report unapproved products to the FDA to trace and close down the shops selling those products,” he said, insisting that the FDA had been closing down shops that sold such products.

“Remember: you are what you eat. So let’s make food safety our lifestyle and collective responsibility as we follow the COVID-19 protocols,” he said.


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