South Africa’s Muslim military women free from hijab ban


South Africa’s military has put an end to the hijab ban for Muslims in the country.

The military has made amendments to its dress policy to enable Muslim women to wear a hijab with their military uniform.

The end to the hijab ban has been made possible after the charges against Military Officer, Major Fatima Isaacs was dropped. She was accused of wearing a hijab with her military uniform, a practice that is against their dress policy.

Major Fatima was dismissed after refusing to remove her hijab. She was sacked for ” willful defiance and disobeying a lawful command”.

Maj Fatima said there should be no discrimination with regard to religious beliefs in a democratic country. She added that “I believe religion is the foundation of morals in a state or country”.

The Legal Resource Centre (LRC) which took up her case in 2019 filed an application at the Equality Court, contending that the religious dress code of the South African Defence Force (SANDF) was unlawful to dismiss Maj Fatima for wearing a hijab with their military uniform.

The South African Defence Force Policy does no longer discriminate against Muslim women in the military.

South Africa has now adopted one of the most liberal constitutions in the world after the Mij Fatima Isaacs case.

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