I want to be a Successful student


Do you want to be a successful student? Well, if you do then you have made the right decision, however, being a successful student does not come on a Silva platter. In this article, we will discuss some recommended measures or steps to take as a guide to achieving success as a student.

As a student, you must take some measures to enable you to become successful in your studies. Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it is done”. Success is possible especially when you develop a positive attitude towards your studies as a student.

Some advisable measures or steps to take as a guide to achieving success as a student

  • Have a positive mindset ( Think win-win)
  • Be organized
  • Find a study group or create your own study group
  • Ask questions
  • Avoid procrastination
  • Be guided by the holy spirit

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Have a positive mindset ( Think win-win)

First of all, mindset is everything. Whatever you wish or want to become in life depends on your mindset. The path to becoming successful is not as straightforward as you may think especially when you are a student. Sometimes, distractions set in making you unable to excel however you can be successful when you become intentional about your studies.

I advise that as a student, psych your mind about your purpose for being in school. I believe knowing your purpose in school is the first step to psyching your mind for success in your studies.

If you are an average or below-average student, be positive about yourself, and know that you can excel and achieve success regardless of your academic challenges. Psych your mind and tell yourself it is possible to score A’s and B’s. Do not focus too much on your weakness neglecting your potential to excel in your studies. You can become an ‘A’ student if you develop a positive mindset about yourself.

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Be organized

As a student, being organized is paramount to achieving success. Without organization, you will be unable to succeed. You must plan your day, your study hours, your leisure time as well as your fun time. You should be able to schedule an appropriate day and time for your daily activities. Set rules for yourself, have a to-do list as a guide, making good use of your day, weeks and months.

When you are an organized student, success is easier. By organization, I mean write down dates to your tests, make a time table on when to study them. This helps to reduce test anxiety and to enable you to prepare adequately by studying ahead.

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Find a study group or create your own study group

Is it necessary to join a study group? Well, my answer is yes based on my personal experiences which I am ready to share with you. Study groups are very useful most importantly when it comes to sharing ideas on courses and classroom work.

It helps solidify and as well clarify course materials, leading to a better understanding of classroom experiences and potentially a better grade. You may not be able to understand every bit of course or lessons taught in class and as a result, you need to belong to a study group to listen to your colleagues explain your challenge in a particular course.

Some student finds it difficult to study with their peers however it is more rewarding than studying on your own all the time.

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Ask questions

This is also vital as in most cases, it can help you get a wider understanding of courses you find difficult to understand and also it exposes you to topics or things you have less knowledge about.

Ask questions when necessary and do not be shy to ask as many times as you can. There more you ask questions, the more you gain knowledge and improve your academic write-ups in pursuit of success.

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Avoid procrastination

Procrastination they say is a thief of time. If you delay in doing what must be done in due time, it will take longer to do later on.

Give no room for procrastination as a student. Make a conscious effort to do what you have planned or scheduled. Follow your study time strictly and never give excuses for not being up to the task.

The moment you start procrastinating, you give room for failure. If you want academic success, avoid procrastination.

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Depend on God

As Christians, the bible entreats us to depend on God. Depending on God means learning to fully trust in Him to supply all of our needs.

The Bible in James 1: 15 says if anyone lacks wisdom, he should ask the Lord and he will not rebuke for asking. As a Christian, you should make God your study partner and invite him into your studies whenever you are studying or writing a test.

When you acknowledge God in your studies, he will guide you and assist you to excel beyond your ability. Never take God out of your academics as he has the power and ability to cause you to succeed.

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In conclusion, I would say that you can become successful in your studies as a student, so far as you can consciously psych your mind to practice these recommended measures holistically. Academic success is achievable.

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