Why you need to rest


Do you have time to rest anyway? Some schools of thought believe that rest and sleep are for losers whereas others believe it has their own benefits. Most of us think of rest as merely the absence of work, not something paramount to discuss. Sometimes we equate it to laziness and unproductivity. In this article, we will discuss some genuine reasons why you need to rest.

Surprisingly, everyone is busy these days. People work 24/7 in search of money and others spend most of their time either in school learning or on the internet. There is less time to rest after long days of work or activity.

Citing myself as an example, I am a university student offering a weekend course in a Journalism School, Ghana Institute of Journalism. Aside from that, I work during the week and this makes me stressed out a lot due to the pressure from both school and work. I work from Monday to Friday and go for lectures on Saturday and Sunday, starting the cycle again.

In my case, I have no time to rest during the week and this makes me tired and sometimes unable to concentrate during my lectures. However, I make time to rest after work to gain enough energy for the next day.

I would say that in your quest in making money and striving for success, it is advisable to apportion time to rest as well. This will give you good health and a sound mind to always go about your daily activities.

Some reasons why you need to rest

  • You need to rest for better productivity and concentration (A sharp mind)
  • You need rest to reduce stress (Sleep can be a pain killer)
  • You need rest for a better mood (It puts you in a better mood)

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Better productivity and concentration

Rest is an investment into productivity. Rest is so vital that it makes you work well and work smart. Having no time to rest is honestly a miscalculation. It is alright to work extended hours for a few days to complete a project, perform some key responsibilities or even to meet a deadline for an assignment when you are a student but to make it a lifestyle is not beneficial.

Having enough rest makes you productive and concentrate actively. As I said earlier, in the beginning, I am a student and a worker, this makes me stressed out and sometimes unable to concentrate at work and on my studies as well. However, when I have enough rest, it makes me productive because I regain my lost energy, making it easier for me to complete my task at work and also fully concentrate during my lectures. It makes my mind active and sharp for any activity given to me as well as in school.

As a worker or student, having enough rest is beneficial to your input at work and school respectively. It helps you to perform your duties and complete them on time because you are active with a concentrated mind.

To reduce stress

Do you get stressed? I am sure you do. Stress is simply a feeling of emotional or physical tension. Stress manifest through several ways among them are thought, long days work, events etc. This makes you sometimes feel frustrated, tired or nervous.

Stress is just your body reacting to a challenge or a demand. Stress makes you feel tired and inactive. The remedy to stress is rest. When you rest, it helps you regain your lost energy and be proactive.

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For a better mood

Getting quality rest put you in a better mood. Lack of rest makes you sometimes snap at your colleagues or superiors due to the uneasiness you are going through. When you make time to rest, you are able to stay calm and be reasonable about your decisions.

Have you realized that when you have enough rest, it gives you peace and joy? The peace you gain puts you in a better mood which somehow enables you to mingle with others and make merry.

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A quick reminder: Although resting is beneficial to you as a human being, striving for success should not be compromised.

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