Is life truly not fair?

Life has a way of teaching us in several ways. Many times, our knowledge of what life is or should be is challenged by the difficulties and struggles we go through in our pursuit to climb the ladder of success. There is a popular saying that “Life is not fair” however, you can make life fair to you.

One of the things I have learnt and have come to appreciate in life is life can either be fair or unfair to you depending on your capacity and ability to strive until you see the change you desire.

I would like to stretch on the fact that life is fair to those who fight and strive to change the status quo. Be challenged by your immediate environment to make a difference in your generation. Through determination and conviction, you can work your way out to accomplish your dreams and visions in life.

Far from that, there is a God factor which is no substitute if you want to have sweatless success in life. The scriptures teach us to acknowledge God and to involve him in our lives no matter how wise we are. In Proverbs 16:3, the bible entreats us to commit to the lord. “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” This scripture makes us understand the need to depend on God in our daily pursuit to succeed in life, be it in academia, career, social life etc.

In all your ways, acknowledge God and his will for your life and in so doing, he will order your steps to success. Life without God is effort without results. It takes God to help a man in all his endeavors.

Involve God in your dealings always!

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