The new normal – Digital learning


According to Schoology, 88% of educators consider themselves and the instructors at their institutions to be effective at using technology for teaching and 95.5% of educators believe that digital learning has a positive impact on student achievement.

In this article, we will discuss some benefits of digital learning to teaching and learning (how it has made teaching and learning easier) and its impact on students academic performance.

Digital learning can be defined or explained as a type of learning which is accompanied by the use of technology. Digital learning comprises making use of digital tools, apps, and modern classroom technology such as google classroom, Microsoft teams, LMS’s, zoom meetings, instructional methods, strategies, and technologies to meet the needs of learners. It also includes personal and blended learning strategies that rely on digital tools to function.

TalentLMS reveals that the online learning systems were purposely set up to disseminate information to students, however, as the world entered the 70’s, online learning started to become more interactive. In addition, with the evolution of computer and the internet in the 20th century, digital learning tools and their delivery methods expanded.

The key points to consider in this article are as follows;

  • The benefits of digital learning to teaching and learning (How it has made teaching and learning easier)
  • The impact of digital learning on students academic performance.

Now let dive into the discussion in details.

Benefits of digital learning to teaching and learning

Before the evolution of digital learning, teaching and learning were quite stressful but today, it’s easier. You can refer to teachers today and in the past. This assertion is true because teachers had to put in so much effort to help students understand the lesson taught. Refer to journals.

Teaching and learning have been made easier with the help of technology and digital learning tools available in our time. It has equipped facilitators or teachers to adopt technology as part of the method of teaching, be it in basic schools, Senior High Schools, Tertiary institutions or Universities.

Aside from equipping teachers with the necessary tools to assist them in teaching, digital learning improves teachers attitude in research. This is because they are exposed to technology-based tools and apps which assist them in further research into the subjects or courses they are teaching.

Before the introduction of digital literacy, teachers depended on textbooks, pamphlets and other materials which they considered helpful in guiding them to teach students. However, it could not assist teachers with all the information they needed especially with those who do not have “authority” over the subjects or courses they teach. Today, technology has filled in this gap.

Impact of digital learning on students academic performance

As we know, digital learning has replaced our traditional learning method to a large extent. This is true based on the sudden transformation we see in our educational system, from lower to upper education.

The emergence of digital learning has improved students academic performance. Refer to Impact of e-learning on the academic performance of undergraduate students a case study of national teachers institute.

Students are now able to read further on lessons taught in the classroom or in advance learning, during lectures. This is because they have access to technological tools, apps and online classroom platforms where they read, learn and understand topics they are unable to absorb in class.

Some digital platforms like Quora, Yahoo! Answers, websites, blogs, online book apps, google search engines etc assist students to research and find answers to questions. All these digital platforms can be accessed on digital devices such as mobile phone, laptops, tablets etc with the help of an internet connection.

On Quora, students get the opportunity to learn from experts from all academic backgrounds who give answers to specific questions asked. Google search engines also enable one to research and read extensively on topics and scholarly materials for further understanding

As students make use of these digital platforms they improve on their reading skills, and research ability which in the end makes them excel academically.

Let us embrace this new normal of digital learning today because It benefits are enormous.

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