How to get your first job after graduation


How do you get your first job after graduation? Finding a job after college could be a stressful experience for most graduates. This is a result of the high level of unemployment in the country.Job vacancies are limited to a few groups of people due to several factors which we will discuss in this article.

In 2020, the unemployment rate in Ghana was at approximately 4.53 per cent of the total labour force. (Refer to the unemployment rate in Ghana in 2020 ). Statistics from tradingeconomics shows that the unemployment rate in Ghana is expected to reach 4.70 percent by the end of 2021, and also it is projected to trend around 4.50 percent in 2022 and 4.30 percent in 2023.


Let now dive into some possible ways which could help you find your first job after school.

  • Employable Skills
  • Startup
  • Volunteerism

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Employable Skills

As an undergraduate, you need employable skills to sell yourself to job employers. Do not confuse schooling with education. Passing through college is not enough motivation to enable employers to hire you for a job opportunity you may be interested in. Your two or four years in school is meant to “help out” you acquire the necessary skills you need to develop yourself for the job market.

Make a conscious effort to acquaint yourself with the practical aspect of the course you are pursuing be it Marketing, Journalism, Public Relations, Law, Nursing, Administration etc. Your knowledge and ability to apply what you are learning in school is what will distinguish you from other applicants when seeking a job opportunity after graduation.

Develop your abilities and skills while in school. For instance, if you are a Journalism student and have an interest in radio or television broadcast, work diligently at it and build yourself by volunteering to serve under your school radio station or a television station where your service will be needed. By so doing, you learn to improve on your skill and build yourself for a job opportunity after graduation.

As you improve on your skills while in school, it will make it more likely for employers to hire you for a job vacancy due to your distinct abilities. It makes you stand out from your colleagues who may be seeking the same job with their grades having no skills to merit the job

Acquiring good grades in school is necessary to enhance your CV for a job opportunity, however, your skills and abilities in addition to your excellent grades will make you stand out from others when seeking a job opportunity.

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One of the ways to get your first job after graduation is to start something on your own. In other words, be creative to initiate a small business that could possibly become big and generate money for you while in school and even after school.

This reminds me of Edem, a student startup on campus, the Ghana Institute of Journalism. He was into a “gari” business while in school as a student startup. He sells “gari soakings” as it is known in the local dialect. The gari business he started in school is paying off now. He is invited to serve gari on several occasions and during campus activities for payment.

It first came as an idea but his willingness to pursue it has ended him a business now. Some undergraduates can be likened to Edem but mostly fail to take a bold step by bringing the idea into reality.

There are some students who sell clothes, bracelets, food etc as their small business and they generate sales from it which is a good initiative. You do not need big capital to start a small business. You can start your own business as a student startup with as low as Ghc50.00.

Many students startups can testify to this fact that it is a good way of becoming self-employed after school. You could employ your own colleagues to work for you after you have finally succeeded in establishing it. You can become your own boss through a startup while in school.

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Elizabeth Andrew once said, “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they have the heart”. In other words, volunteers serve out of their own goodwill and not because they are idle.

As an undergraduate, you need to build your skill and enhance your CV to stand the chance of securing a job after graduation. Stating in your CV as a consistent volunteer could make you attractive to employers. This means you have a good heart to serve and when given the opportunity, you will surely give in your best.

While in school, volunteer to serve under the industry of the course you are pursuing. For instance, if you are a Public Relations student, volunteer to work at a public institution to help them with errands or administrative work. As you do so, you create a good impression about yourself and your readiness to serve.

This could make the officers consider you for a job after your graduation. It may not necessarily be at your place of service but a good samaritan who see your input in the office could recommend you for a job opportunity. You can never go wrong with volunteerism. It is the easiest way of securing a job after graduation.

Try it today and walk your way through unexpected job opportunities. Once again, you can never go wrong with volunteerism.

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